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Building Blocks® Instructions

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The BUILDING BLOCKS FOR LITERACY® online course consists of a series of lessons organized into 5 different sections. Each lesson consists of an associated video, which will automatically play when you view the lesson, and a number of activities pertaining to the lesson.

Knowledge Inventory

If you have not selected to receive a certificate you will be taken to the Introductory video when you hit the Get Started button below.

If you have indicated that you would like to receive a certificate upon completion of the course, you will be directed to complete a Pre-Course Knowledge Inventory. The Knowledge Inventory is a multiple choice survey that will assess your knowledge of the material prior to beginning the course. You will also take a Post-Course inventory at the end of the course.

Watching a Lesson

You will be able to access any of the lessons at any time using the menu that appears on the left side of the screen. The menu is organized by section with each section being clickable to reveal the associated lessons. Clicking on a lesson in the menu will load the lesson and begin playing the associated video. Once you have watched the video for the lesson, you may view associated Activities. You will then have two choices: you can mark the lesson complete or you can proceed to another lesson without marking the current lesson as complete. Even though you have marked a lesson as complete, you may return to it any number of times to review the material or related Activities.

Completing a Lesson

To mark the lesson complete, simply click on the ‘Mark This Lesson Complete’ button above the lesson video. A confirmation pop-up will appear, allowing you to cancel or confirm you would like the mark the lesson as complete. Click on ‘YES, mark this lesson as completed.’.

Navigation Between Lessons

At this point, you can use the menu on the left or the “Previous Lesson” and “Next Lesson” buttons to the left and right of the lesson name to select another lesson. If you select another lesson without marking the current lesson as complete, you will need to come back to the lesson later to mark it as complete in order to finish the course and access the Post-Course Knowledge Inventory, which must be completed if you indicated that you would like to receive a certificate.

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