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Your Child’s Communication Growth

Being aware of communication disorders and treatments can improve the quality of life of those who experience problems with speaking, understanding, or hearing. 

A Stern Center speech language pathologist, Coreen Woodbury, has this advice to share,

“Most parents of young children seek information about speech and language development. When should my child begin using words? Should my child be saying L’s by now?

As the mother of a toddler, I frequently search the internet for quick answers to my parenting questions and often feel overwhelmed by the information I retrieve. Information on speech and language development found on popular parenting sites is no exception. It may or may not be based on valid research, and comments made by parents based on their own child’s development can be misleading and unhelpful.

For research based, parent friendly information on speech and language development for children ages birth to five, I recommend the American Speech Language and Hearing Association’s website. Here you can find current information about speech and language development, as well as simple ways to support your child’s communication growth. It may even include some helpful information you never thought to search for! “

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